Monday, September 12, 2016

  • Travel to town of Bulgan to see their agricultural cooperative, known for their delicious tomatoes.
  • Visit the local elementary/middle school where we sang for each other. 
  • Watch movie about Roy Chapman Andrews’ expedition to the Gobi desert where his team unearthed dinosaur bones and the first dinosaur eggs ever seen by the West, followed by Oyungerel Tsedendamba’s summary of her work to bring the fossils back to Mongolia. 

    dsc_1036Summary by Linda Hammett Ory:

    Following the movie, Oyungerel brought us up-to-date about her efforts to have the dinosaur fossils returned. She said the Mongolian government didn’t make their own detailed records of what dinosaur fossils were taken because they were taken for scientific research and the Mongolians trusted that they would be returned. Oyungerel has the contract signed by Roy Chapman Andrews indicating the terms — One example of each specimen would be returned after research was complete, and the duplicate specimens could be kept at The American Museum of Natural History. It is written in Mongolian with an English translation. The Museum has posted online an inventory of all that has been researched to date of the fossils taken from Mongolia, although this listing doesn’t have include those specimens that have not yet been researched.

    The American Museum of Natural History has not fulfilled their contractual obligations and has taken advantage of Mongolia’s trust. Oyungerel has contacted the Natural History Museum every year since around 2002 to ask when the bones would be returned. She made this request from in her position as a member of the Mongolian parliament and was very polite and diplomatic. She has never received a response. She plans to continue her efforts to have the dinosaur specimens returned to Mongolia.

    All the accounts of American scientists doing their research in Mongolia demonstrate an extreme arrogance. It is clear in their language that the scientists regard the Mongolians like animals or savages. Further discussions about the return of the dinosaur bones must be done as equals.

  • Drive to the Flaming Cliffs, the site of Roy Chapman Andrews’ expedition where we enjoyed a spectacular sunset.
  • Enjoy the delightful and exquisite surprise dinner and traditional entertainment organized and provided by Three Camel Lodge at the site of the Flaming Cliffs.

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